Profoto Air Remote

Profoto Air Remote
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Control the shoot from the palm of your hand.

The standard Air Remote can be used to wirelessly sync and control your Profoto Off-Camera Flash from any camera that has a hot shoe.

Unlike the Air Remote TTL-C ( for Canon ) and the Air Remote TTL-N ( for Nikon ), the Air Remote does not provide TTL functionality. But the sensation of shooting without cords and without restraints is the same.

The impressive operating range of 300 m ( 1,000 ft. ) is also the same.

Note that the Air Remote uses the world’s fastest system for remote radio sync and control, allowing you to shoot with less delay and higher reliability.


- The world’s fastest system for remote radio sync and control, fast enough to match a sync cable

- Unbeaten operating range of 300 m./1,000 ft.

- Open frequency band ( 2.4 GHz )

- Approved for worldwide use

- Small and handy

- Can be used to sync any flash brand

- Can be used as remote shutter release for most cameras

- Can be used as remote control for Profoto flashes with Air built-in

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General Specifications

- Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz

- Separate radio channels :8

- Range m- / ft: Range Up to 300 m. ( 1000 ft. )

- Battery type: 2 x AAA

- Typical Battery lifetime. Transmit mode Fast / Normal:10 hrs. / 140 hrs.

- Typical Battery lifetime Receive mode: 30 hrs.

- Antenna type: Integrated

- Auto power off: 30 min. of inactivity

Syncronization and Control

- Sync signal in: ISO 518 hot shoe and 3.5 mm. miniphone plug

- Sync signal out: 3.5 mm. miniphone plug

- Complete flash control: Yes

- Remote flash energy control: Yes

- Remote modeling light control: Yes

- Automatic interaction with generator: Yes

- Master mode: Yes

- Sync trigger: Yes


  • Dimensions: 70x50x40 mm. 2.7x1.9x1.6 in".
  • Weight: 70 g. 2.5 oz.