Profoto B1 500 Air E-TTL2 - Ledetal 90

Profoto B1 500 Air E-TTL2 - Ledetal 90
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Off-camera flash. With TTL. Without cords.

The Profoto B1 makes it easier than ever to take the flash off your camera. With AirTTL you set the light in a flash. With battery power and a clever design with no cables or cords, you can take the B1 with you wherever you go and put it wherever you want. Add to that the power, speed and light shaping possibilities that Profoto lights are known for, and you have an off-camera flash that makes great light easy.


The firmware in this product can be upgraded to offer users additional features over time. The first firmware version is currently in final testing and a release note will be available here shortly.

The firmware of this product can be upgraded.
- Patent pending AirTTL technology takes the concept of “point and shoot” to the next level.
- Exchangeable, integrated battery provides up to 220 full-power flashes per charge.
- Cordless design and wireless Air technology allows you to shoot without cords and restraints.
- Quick burst capability eliminates the risk of missing that perfect shot waiting for the flash.
- 500Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 9 f-stop power range give you both -power and precise control.
- Compatible with a wide range of Profoto Light Shaping Tools.

Technical data

- Max energy 500 Ws

- Energy range f-stop 9 f-stop (2.0-10.0 ; 1/256-1/1)

- Energy range Ws 2.0-500 Ws

- Energy control increments 1/10 or full f-stops

- Recycling time 0.1-1.9 s (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)

- Modeling light LED 20 W (Equivalent of 70 W Halogen)

- Modeling light control Off, Proportional, Free (5-100%)

- Mode control Freeze (shortest flash duration) or Normal (colorbalanced) mode.

- Flash duration Normal mode(t0.5):1/11,000 s (2Ws) - 1/1,000 s (500Ws)

- Flash duration Freeze mode(t0.5):1/19,000 s (2Ws) - 1/1,000 s (500Ws)

- Energy stability Normal mode: +-1/20 f-stop flash to flash

- Energy stability Freeze mode: +-1/20 f-stop flash to flash

- Color stability Normal mode: +- 150K over range; +-20K flash to flash

- Color stability Freeze mode: +- 800K over range; +-50K flash to flash

- Light spread with built-inreflector77 degrees

- Guide number @ 2 m, 100 ISO (with Magnum reflector) 45 2/10

- Battery type Exchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery 14.8 V/3 Ah

- Battery capacity Up to 220 full power flashes

- Battery life 300 charge cycles (to 80% capacity left)

- Battery status indicator

Approx. battery level in percentage of the total capacityis indicated on the display:

3 sections: 100-70%

2 sections: 70-40%

1 section: 40-10%

1 section blinking: <10%

Battery charging time 2 h (1h with Battery Charger 4.5A)

Auto power off Yes after 60 minutes. Sleep activated after 30 minutes.Profoto B1 500 Air

Battery operating temperaturerange-10 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +120 °F)

Battery storage temperaturerange-20 °C to +60°C (-20 °F to +140 °F)

Wireless sync Yes, via all Air camera transmitters or IR (Slave)


All figures are to be considered as nominal and Profoto reserves the right make changes without further notice.

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