Pixel King PRO Wireless TTL FlashTrigger Nikon m High speed sync 1/8000 sekund
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 Pixel 3rd Generation Wireless TTL Flash Trigger King Pro for Nikon is suitable for Nikon cameras. Using digital FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control. Compared to the previous two generations, the effective remote control distance improved significantly to 300M or above. Also, we have made a very big change in the functional operation.


Remote Control System 



System Mode:

FSK 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control System

Remote Control Distance:
300M or above
Wireless Channel:15 Fixed Channels and 1 Automatic Channel 








Support the power zoom function

Support group control function
3Support exposure lock
4 Support three flash groups output different power flash
5 Support ratio output function
6 Support front-curtain sync, rear-curtain sync, high-speed sync
7 Support manual setting on transceiver for group flash
8 Support high speed sync 1/8000S
9 Support one transceiver to control several receivers
10 Support USB function
11Support test flash function
12Hotshoe on transceiver support output function






LED Display Output at a glance

Multi-keys Settings. Each feature has individual buttons, simple and easy to use
3Support more operation system to upgrade device firmware online, such as Windows, Mac OSX.
4More stable and reliable hardware and software for the new upgrade.
5Farther remote distance, control distance of above 300m
6More output mode combinations, you can always set each group to different flash output ratio.
7More energy-saving design, and the use of more reliable gold-plated metal battery clip as well asanti-lost battery compartment cover design.
8King Pro uses a full metal structure design, more solid, hard as stone chime; external metal mounting bracket nuts, same as the design of flash bracket.
9King Pro uses 15 fixed channels and 1 automatic channel mode, allow thousand sets of products to be used in the same area without interference.
10King Pro uses two colours LED backlight, more easy to distinguish Master or Slave Mode
11More scalability SYNC output socket, camera can control camera shooting. Also, can control outdoor lights and studio lights.
12Support group to control the focal length of the flash.







Flash Mode :


Sync Mode :
1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain, Hi-speed Sync
Group Control :3 Groups
Sync Speed :1/8000S
Compatible Flash:Airborne Flash, Studio Lights, Outdoor Lights


Trigger Mode:



Input support PC
Receiver :

Output support TTL, Trigger Cable Interface  



Power Supply:

Applicable Battery

Transceiver :  AA x 2 (support 1.2V rechargeable battery)
Receiver : AA x 2 (support 1.2V rechargeable battery)
Standby Time :
Transceiver: 500 hours
Receiver : 250 hours
Continuous Work :
Transceiver : 100 hours
Receiver :  120 hours


 Items Included:




1 piece
1 piece




Model Number

Compatible Device
King Pro For Nikon
D800Series, D700, D300Series, D2Series, D1Series, D200, D4, D3s. D80, D70s. D7100, 7000, D5100, D5000, D3200, D3100, D600, D90.