Godox Cells II C - Til Canon HSS Trigger

Godox Cells II C - Til Canon HSS Trigger

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Remote control of studio flash, speedlite & camera shutter. *1/8000s; 
* High Sync speed; 
*TX & RX in One 

Product Description:

This device is designed to function as a wireless transmitter and a receiver for studio flash, speedlite, and camera shutter. Featuring multi-channel triggering, stable signal transmission, and sensitive reaction, it gives photographers unparalleled flexibility and control over their strobist setups. The transceiver applies to hotshoe-mounted Canon EOS series cameras.




*Transceiver Design

Transmitter & Receiver in One, more flexible transmite/receive combinations


As a wireless speedlite trigger

As a wireless studio flash trigger

As a wired shutter release

As a wireless shutter release

*High Speed Synchronization
A max sync speed of 1/8000s, meeting needs of high-speed photography


16 selectable channels to have multiple flashes under control simultaneously



*3.5mm studio flash trigger port

2/5mm shutter release port

*LED dual-color lamp

*2 packaging solutions:

Single pack

2 pcs pack

*Packaging details:

Remote cable

Sync cable

Sync adapter

AA batteries

Mounting screw




Technical Data:

Power Supply


Transmit Frequency

433MHz wireless remote system

Workable Distance

100m (open areas)

Max Sync Speed



16 channels


155*56.5*34.5mm (antenna included)

Net Weight


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