Elinchrom Skyport Computer Remote / Trigger Set

Elinchrom Skyport Computer Remote / Trigger Set
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EL-Skyport RX Computer Remote / Trigger Set


1x EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED
2x EL-Skyport Transceiver RX
1x EL-Skyport USB RX SPEED
1x  Synchron Cable PC-2.5 J / 20 cm

EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED

The ELS Transmitter Speed enables the triggering of units attached via a Universal Skyport module, all units with built-in Skyport and all Elinchrom units to which a Transceiver RX is attached.

The additional control of power settings and modelling lamp on/off can be achieved on all Elinchrom units with built-in Skyport RX (D-lite RX One, D-lite RX 2/4, BRX 250/500 and Ranger Quadra Hybrid) and on all Elinchrom units, which require the Transceiver RX (Digital RX 1200/2400, Ranger RX/Speed/Speed AS and Style RX 300/600/1200).

See the advantages of the EL-Skyport system.


  • +/- buttons to change flash power settings and modelling lamp on/off.
  • Test button for manual flash trigger.
  • Switch selection for 8 different Frequency Channels.
  • Switch selection for 4 different Groups.
  • All switch to control all units of Group 1 to 4.
  • LED status for sync mode and battery level status.
  • Long life Lithium battery to provide over 30000 flashes.
  • Integrated hot-shoe with screw lock.
  • Super small. Only 4 cm x 5 cm.
  • Ultra lightweight. Only 36 g including the battery!


EL-Skyport Transceiver RX

This module fits only to Elinchrom dedicated units such as the Digital RX series, the Ranger RX series and the Style RX series. No extra battery is required for the Transceiver to be ready to use. For the Ranger RX series, the ELS Transceiver RX Adapter is required.

This module is required on these units to allow the control of power settings, modelling lamp on/off and flash synchronisation via the ELS-Transmitter. Basic features can also be controlled via Apple devices with the optional WiFi module. Additional features such as Flash Delay and Flash Counter can be accessed with the EL-Skyport software 3.0.

The Speed mode function is also available for units, which require the Transceiver RX via the El-Skyport software 3.0, available as a free download for MAC™ and WIN™ at www.elinchrom.com.

See the advantages of the EL-Skyport system.


  • Switch to select 4 different work GROUPS
  • Dip switches to select 8 different FREQUENCY CHANNELS
  • The Tranceiver RX is required to control and set flash power and modelling lamp on/off from the Transmitter Speed or the Computer Remote Software.
  • NOTE - The new Speed Sync feature is ony available for the Transceiver RX module via the Skyport Software 3.0 and requires the USB Transceiver RX. 

COMPATIBLE with Elinchrom RX units:

  • Compacts - Style RX 300 / 600 / 1200
  • Battery Power Packs - Ranger RX / Ranger RX Speed / Ranger RX Speed AS (requires the Remote Adapter // 19374, which is included with any new Ranger RX)
  • Power Packs - Digital RX 1200 / 2400



The USB Transceiver RX modules fit any MAC™ or WIN™ computer.

By installing the EL-Skyport Software 3.0 all Elinchrom RX units can be controlled. The program will automatically search for units with Transceiver RX modules or with built-in Skyport RX receivers. The Universal module can also be detected but only offers synchronization and strobing option.

The latest EL-Skyport software can be downloaded for free in our Support section at www.elinchrom.com.


  • Control of functions of all Elinchrom RX units.
  • Firmware update.
  • Programmable Timer.
  • ON/OFF Flash Counter.
  • Flash Delay.
  • Standby mode.
  • Photo-Job Studio Management.
  • Pre-Sets saving.


Synchron Cable PC-2.5 J / 20 cm

Camera X > 2.5 jack
This cable connects the Prolinca IR-Transmitter with the camera.