Elinchrom Quadra Reflector Adapter RQ-EL

Elinchrom Quadra Reflector Adapter RQ-EL
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Varenummer: EL-26339

Quadra Reflector Adapter RQ-EL

This Reflector Adapter is required when Elinchrom Reflectors are used with the RQ A or S Head. With the extra Stand support of the Reflector Adapter, even bigger EL Reflectors or Rotalux softboxes can be use without stressing or breaking the small RQ Head.

NoteBeware when using heavier third-party accessories, as these might put stress on the RQ Reflector Adapter.



The Reflector Adapter EL-RQ can be used with following Elinchrom accessories:

  • All Elinchrom metal Reflectors
  • Elinchrom Rotalux softboxes up to 1.35 m incl. Deep Octa
  • All Elinchrom Portalite softboxes
  • All Elinchrom umbrellas, up to 105 cm diameter with 7 mm umbrella shaft
  • Fits to Indirect Lightbanks : EL Octa 190, EL Quadra 145 x 145, EL Recta 72 x 175, EL Strip 33 x 175 cm
  • All Elinchorm Deflector Sets
  • Weight without reflector: 320g